Xpath Trucking

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Xpath handles your logistics back-office using tech solutions while treating you like a business partner, not just another number.

our owner-ops save 15-20% per load

Why choose XPath?


Better Earnings

Xpath only charges 10% off the gross for each load dispatched to you. This means more money flowing to your company, with average savings of 10-20% per load.

Stable Loads

We have established customers that will give you the best, steady loads on the market. Any mode, anytime, we will make sure to keep your trucks covered and moving.


We hire people with 1 term in-mind: honesty. Our employees make sure you are treated like a human-being that receives honest communications and fair payment for any load that you transport.


  • 24/7 Dispatching
  • Invoicing and Factoring
  • Accounting
  • IFTA Reporting
  • Settlement Documents
  • Portal Login to see your work

Xpath is designed to use technology. Simplifing and automating your back-office operations while keeping you and your clients happy...

Technology is often an overlooked “super-tool” that can set your truck apart. Xpath uses technology not only to give you the best possible service, but to provide crucial information to your clients so that you build a better relationship with them. We connect directly with your clients using technology so they receive load status updates and all communications necessary for a hands-off experience, establishing a network for repeat business.